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Interesting information about growing healthy fruits and vegetables on the farm

This past week at the FM Aquaponic Farm we worked on a big several project that needed attention for some time. We needed to change the liner in one of our 100’ long beds due to a not so slow leak. To accomplish that we had to remove all the plants in that bed approximately […]

I just read that May was National Salad Month, an effort to encourage us to consider healthy eating. I love to eat salads and as I think about it there are so many varieties of salad to choose from. Here are my top 10 salad types. ·         Green Salad variet

Summer has arrived or at least the weather feels like summertime. One common activity we may have in common is a desire to plant some plants and flowers. I love colorful flowers in my yard or in hanging baskets. I am also reminded of the times when insects or Deer have come through and consumed [&he

In this post I am exploring cucumbers. Cucumbers are one of the most common vegetables like tomatoes and lettuce. Lets begin with the nutritional value of cucumbers.   First the nutritional value of cucumbers in terms of Carbs, Proteins, Fats, Vitamins, and Minerals is best when you eat it with

Today I read some statistics about farming and our food production that I thought you might find interesting. First to state the obvious the amount of land we have to farm is fixed on the earth. As our population grows so will our need for food. By example, the world’s population as doubled in the

Tips to prepare your Garden or Plants for Winter Here in North Georgia in mid-November we are enjoying some great weather, but we see the signs that cooler times are coming. We have enjoyed our gardens and plants this summer but are there things we should do to prepare them for winter? Doing some re

Plants that can repel Insects As we look forward to summer and being on your deck and patio, cookouts and enjoying your garden. Then you remember the challenge of being pestered by mosquitoes and insects. Is there an option that does not include insect sprays and lotions that make you feel greasy? Y


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