National Salad Month


I just read that May was National Salad Month, an effort to encourage us to consider healthy eating. I love to eat salads and as I think about it there are so many varieties of salad to choose from. Here are my top 10 salad types.

·         Green Salad varieties

·         Broccoli Salads

·         Chicken Salads

·         Egg Salads

·         Coleslaw

·         Greek Salads

·         Pasta Salads

·         Potato Salads

·         Fruit Salads

·         Vegetable Salads

What makes a salad great? I think it must be made with fresh ingredients. For a green salad, the lettuce needs to be fresh and needs a great taste. I also like different textures so including other vegetables and tomatoes are great. The addition of some cheese or croutons are also a great change of pace.

Making a salad is an opportunity to be creative and to explore different combinations without the danger of causing a fire in my case…

FM Aquaponics farm works to provide fresh tasty produce so you can become a great salad master.