Fun at the Farm


aThis past week at the FM Aquaponic Farm we worked on a big several project that needed attention for some time. We needed to change the liner in one of our 100’ long beds due to a not so slow leak.

To accomplish that we had to remove all the plants in that bed approximately 3,000 plants. Move about 50 fish, remove the plumbing and air connections, then remove the water from the bed.

Moving fish was a fun activity for some volunteers but not that easy. We pumped the water low in the two 800 gal tanks and with some nets they worked to relocate the fish to adjacent tanks. The fish were resistant but after about an hour everyone was in their new home (tank) and we were mostly dry.

The next major task was to remove the liner that wasn’t quite empty of water. A great group of YMSL volunteers worked the liner from one end to the other. Lifting the remaining water and debris as they went until the whole 100’ by 12’ liner was out of the bed.

Next they fitted the new liner into the bed tucking it in all along the edges and lifting the plumbing pipes back into the bed. Connecting the water and air lines into place and placing the pumps back in the bed.

We were ready to start the water to refill the bed. It took 3 days to fill the bed. And when it filled it looks great and best of all it is holding water!!!  

I wanted to tip my hat to all the volunteers that worked that week to make the change. You were awesome and the fish are about to come back to their tank as soon as the water system has stabilized.

If you would like to be a part the FM Aquaponic Farm team of volunteers, please join us by registering at selecting one of the farm volunteer events.