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Have you ever asked yourself “Where does my produce actually come from?” Is it really organic & chemical free?

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The FM in our name represents Fill Ministries Inc. the organization that owns and operates the
aquaponic farm and farmer’s market. Fill Ministries also known as Meals by Grace, an organization that
feeds hungry children and their families in Forsyth and Dawson Counties.
FM Aquaponic farm is operated as an organic practice farm utilizing organic seeds, natural pest control
practices, (no pesticides) and OMRI certified products. We raise fish to fertilize our plants and the plants
purify water that is reused for the fish resulting in a very low agricultural water usage.

FM Aquaponic Farm values providing healthy fresh food for our community. The food is grown in a clean
environment year-round and is harvested to fill your order, so it is as fresh as possible. Imagine having a
vibrant vegetable garden where you cut what you need for dinner; well we want to be your fresh
FM Aquaponics farm offers farm volunteer opportunities for you and your family where you can come
and work at the farm and see firsthand the environment that produces the freshest produce in the
community. Kids are fascinated by fish and plants where you can see the roots growing in the deep-
water beds.

FM Aquaponics Farm provides donations for the children feed by Meals by Grace in both fresh produce
and monetary donations from the profits of farm sales. We intend to add additional greenhouses to
increase the fresh produce we can provide the community and increase the amount of support for
Meals by Grace.


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